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You made it to my teachable site, the platform where I host my Getting Started with Breastfeeding Class and my video library.

"My mission in life is to empower you with knowledge and to help you get breastfeeding off to a good start!"

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education = SUCCESS!!!

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Boob Donna's Education on Lactation

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My Getting Started with Breastfeeding


My full package includes: unlimited viewing of my Getting Started with Breastfeeding class, pdf of my power point, a growing video library of important lactation topics and a bonus prenatal yoga series with Leah in Hawaii.

You'll have access to me via email after the class for any follow up questions.


In my class, I cover all the basics:

  • Why breastfeed?
  • What do you need to know to about the first two weeks?
  • What is a good latch?
  • How do I know the baby is getting enough?
  • Can I add in pumping and bottle feeding?

I deep dive into breast pumps and blending pumping and bottle feeding into your feeding plan and much more.

"Three years ago as a first time mom I had the greatest experience with our lactation consultant in the hospital. Fast forward to my 2nd pregnancy, I took Donna's Prenatal Class as a refresher. I quickly remembered her fun songs and quotes and felt right at ease to start my breastfeeding journey again. We are now 6 months strong and thriving with our feedings and planning to continue to breastfeed long into the future!"

Rachel Y ~ Mom of 2

Boob Donna's

Education On Lactation